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How do I update my business name on customers' credit card statements?

It’s important to make your credit card statement name as clear as possible so that customers will recognize your charge on their card statement.

If a customer doesn’t recognize a charge, they could open a complaint that they didn’t recognize or didn’t authorize the charge. The Credit Card Statement Name is the name that will appear on your customer’s credit or debit card statements.

To help your customers remember where they shopped, make sure that your Credit Card Statement Name is correct by following the instructions below.

Here’s how to update your Credit Card Statement Name (Standard or Advanced).

  1. Go to your Account Settings.
  2. Click Business Information on the left.
  3. Click Update to the right of  "Business information.”
  4. Click Edit to the right of  "Your Business Information.”
  5. Enter your new Credit card statement name and click Save.


  • Don’t enter special characters such as &, #, ().
  • Your business name could be displayed on your customers’ credit card statement after the word PayPal *. For example, (PayPal *SELLER NAME).
  • Please note, this will only change your business name as it appears on your customer's statements, not the legal name of the business.
  • If your customer paid for their purchase using a bank transfer, your business name won’t appear on their bank statement. Instead, your customer will see PAYPALINST XFER. To confirm the purchase your customer would need to log in to PayPal and look for the payment in their History.
How do I update my debit or credit card on PayPal?

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