Why did I get result code 24?

PayPal returned result code 24.

The transaction request includes an invalid expiration date. Common expiration date errors include:

  • The credit card has expired.
  • The card expiration date field on the order form contained too many digits.
  • The expiration date has passed, or the date is in the wrong format.
  • The transaction was approved with an incorrect expiration date.

  • Expired date - Make sure that the credit card expiration date is today's date or a date in the future. PayPal rejects expiration dates that have passed.
  • Invalid format - Check that the expiration date is in the standard US format of MMYY (Payflow Pro and Payflow Link merchants). Using a four-digit year (YYYY) will cause invalid expiration dates to be submitted.

Note: If you use XMLPay to process transactions, the correct expiration date format is: YYYYMM.

Examples (where the month is December and the year is 2019):
  • Payflow Pro - EXPDATE=1219
  • Payflow Link - name="EXPDATE" value="1219"

Note: Some banks will approve transactions when an expiration date is invalid. PayPal verifies only that the credit card number is valid and hasn't expired. The card-issuing bank is responsible for verifying all cardholder information such as billing address, or CSC code (CVV2). Some card-issuing banks decline a transaction if the expiration date doesn't exactly match what is on file. Other banks approve transactions even with an incorrect expiration date. For example, if a card's expiration date is 05/19 but is entered as 01/19, the transaction may still be approved.

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