How do I create a PayPal button using the Wix HTML widget?

Although Wix provides its own built-in PayPal button creation tool, it has limited options and may not suit your purchase button needs. Where you need more options, you can use the Wix HTML Code widget, which lets you copy and paste your PayPal created button code into an HTML box, then position it where you want it to display on your site.

To begin, create your PayPal button within the PayPal button factory. To learn how, see How do I create a payment button in my PayPal account?

After you create your button and you copy the Buttons HTML code, embed this HTML into your Wix website. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Wix admin panel.
  2. Click Add (left panel).
  3. Scroll down and select More.
  4. Click the HTML Code image. An HTML widget dialog appears on the webpage.
  5. Click Enter Code.
    • The HTML code dialog appears. Here, select the Code option.
    • Paste your PayPal created HTML Button Code into the box titled Add your code here.
  6. Click Update to add the PayPal button to your website.

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