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Why did I get result code 26?

PayPal returned result code 26 - Invalid vendor account when processing a transaction.

You may get result code 26 if:
  • You just activated your account. A vendor account doesn't become active until at least an hour after it was created. Typically, a database update begins at 20 minutes past the hour and lasts about 20 minutes. If your account becomes active while the database is updating (after the 20-minute mark), you must wait until after the next hour's update before you can use it.
  • The partner value provided in your API request is incorrect. Verify the information you entered in the User, Vendor, Partner, and Password fields.
  • Check that you sent the correct Partner value.
  • The primary user's Merchant ID should be in the User field. For a secondary Payflow Pro user, the User field should contain the password assigned by the primary user.
  • All fields are case-sensitive.
  • The bank BIN number is unknown. For PayPal Australia (VSA) only, result code 26 indicates that the customer's credit card is issued by a credit union or small financial institution. The processor, FDRA, has no bank identification number (BIN) on file for the card, which triggers the error message,"No Universal Account - Response code 42." You must get another credit card or form of payment from your customer.

Check that all values in use are both correct values and proper case (all values are case-sensitive).

For help resolving this and other Payflow Gateway issues, email Payflow support or call 888-883-9770 (7:00 AM - 8:00 PM CDT, Monday - Friday).

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