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Supported activities by PayPal

Why does PayPal support certain activities and not others?

PayPal partners with card networks and various banks to provide a secure payment platform to our customers. Our partners have specific rules and restrictions for certain activities, transactions, and business models that are intended to maintain the safety of these networks. As required by these card network rules, PayPal abides by these requirements as well as applicable local laws and our own policies to maintain a safe environment and community for our users. Our platform cannot support activities that are prohibited by these requirements. In other cases, we may only be able to support certain activities with pre-approval.

How does PayPal interact with Card Networks and Bank Partners?

PayPal serves as a secure bridge to seamlessly process our customers’ online transactions. To process a transaction, PayPal sends transaction details to our bank partners. We rely on these bank partners to transmit the transaction details to the relevant card network. The card network then routes the transaction for approval by the bank that issued the card used for payment. The card networks help to ensure that valid transactions are authorized and approved, and that the funds are available so PayPal customers can ultimately receive those payments.

This collaboration with card networks and bank partners is crucial in supporting our mission to provide a secure and convenient online payment experience for consumers and merchants.

Where can I get more information?

Our Acceptable Use Policy and User Agreement detail the activities that are prohibited or need pre-approval based on PayPal’s requirements from card networks and bank partners as well as applicable laws and policies. The User Agreement also covers what steps we may take if we identify potential breaches of those requirements. (See this section for details.)

Please visit our Help Center home page to access other articles on how to use your PayPal account as well as a link to contact customer service. To learn more about addressing account limitations, please review this article. To report or resolve an issue with your account, please visit our Resolution Center so that we can work with you to find a solution.

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