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Can I customize PayPal buttons in Checkout?

Checkout offers several style options. You can:

  • Display and customize payment buttons for multiple alternative funding sources to the buyer, such as Venmo and debit/credit card.
  • Customize the look and feel by adjusting the color, shape, and size of each button, and how they are laid out on your checkout page.

By default, Checkout displays only a single PayPal checkout button. However, if your buyers will use additional funding sources, such as Venmo, then Checkout can display multiple buttons in the space provided. You have two layout choices:  horizontal (side by side), which displays up to two buttons, and vertical (top to bottom), which displays up to four buttons. The style.layout parameter determines which layout is applied.

See button examples and learn how to customize your site’s payment buttons in our Buttons style guide.

Additional languages:

The language of your PayPal buttons will appear, by default, in the language of the buyer based on their geolocation and browser preferences. Pass the locale parameter in your integration if you wish the PayPal buttons to render in the same language as the rest of your site.

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