Dispute management

Resolve issues with buyers to help avoid costly claims and chargebacks.

If you get a dispute, don’t worry. It’s part of doing business.

Disputes happen. If buyers have a problem with a transaction, they can bring it to your attention by opening a dispute in the PayPal Resolution Center. From there, you can easily manage the PayPal dispute charge and work with your customer to find a dispute resolution. It’s your chance to use great customer service to solve an issue and help prevent it from growing into something larger. The info below can help if you’re involved in the PayPal dispute process.

Resolving disputes, claims, and chargebacks

In most cases, the easiest way to reach a dispute resolution is for buyers and sellers to connect, work together to figure out what happened, and come to an agreeable solution. If the buyer and seller can’t reach an agreement, the PayPal dispute charge can be escalated to a claim. At that point in the PayPal dispute process, we’ll step in to help determine the outcome.

Resolve disputes

always resolve the disputes from buyer for healthy relation

Resolve claims and chargebacks

chargebacks can be sort it out by our team only if you have valid evidence

How to appeal a claim

can appeal against buyers claim by providing a reason