PayPal Checkout

Use PayPal Checkout to get paid online or in an app. Connect with buyers from all over the world and enable them to pay the way they want to pay.

PayPal Checkout is used by millions of consumers around the world

With a simple, single integration you can accept debit and credit cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit, 10+ local payment methods in over 100 currencies and from 200+ markets around the world.

PayPal Exclusives

Customers can pay with PayPal exclusive payment methods including PayPal, and PayPal Credit.

Debit and credit cards

No PayPal account? No problem. Your customers can always pay with their debit or credit cards.

Alternative payment methods

Sell more worldwide by providing the regional payment methods your customers like to use.

Set up PayPal Checkout

From simple to completely custom, there’s an integration that’s right for you. No matter which integration you choose, PayPal Checkout will intelligently present the most relevant payment types to your customers, making it easy for them to pay using PayPal Exclusives, credit or debit card payments, and other payment methods.

Quick setup for individual items

Easily set up PayPal Checkout in minutes by copying prebuilt code and pasting it next to the products or services you want to sell on your website. It’s a great option for selling without adding shopping cart functionality.

Quick setup includes basic customizations like changing alignment, shape, and colors.


Copy and paste code

Recommended for

Businesses who sell fixed quantities at a fixed price

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Standard integration

Add PayPal Checkout to your product, cart, and payment pages.

When you put PayPal Exclusives upfront on your product and cart pages, you can increase conversion by showing payment options that millions of consumers know and trust.

With PayPal Checkout on your payment page, your customers get the flexibility to pay the way they want with PayPal Exclusives, alternative payment methods, and credit and debit cards.


Requires coding

Recommended for

Most businesses

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Advanced integration

Get everything that comes with the standard integration, along with the ability to customize the look, feel, and placement of your debit and credit card payment fields.

You can also use our fraud protection tools to set up your own risk tolerance filters.


Requires coding

Recommended for

Businesses that need fully custom credit and debit card field design

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Connect to your ecommerce platform

Get API credentials to connect your PayPal account to your platform so you can get paid on your website.

Let your developer do the work

Add a developer to your account so they can manage your integration. They won’t be able to access your complete business profile.