Store Cash

Engage your PayPal shoppers with automatic discounts.

Reconnect with shoppers and help increase your sales

Drive PayPal sales

Businesses have seen a lift in their PayPal sales when they offer Store Cash via email and in-app.3

Promote your offer

We’ll send an email on your behalf featuring your Store Cash offer and encourage them to return and shop.

Delight your customers

Store Cash is added to their PayPal wallet. It’s applied automatically to their purchase in your online store when they check out with PayPal.

Expand your marketing capabilities with PayPal

Use Store Cash to help amplify your retention, loyalty, and cart recovery marketing efforts1

Retain valuable customers

build a loyalty program to PayPal shoppers by sending Store Cash offers

Recover shoppers

attracting customers with store cash incentives and make them purchase

How Store Cash campaigns work

Set up your campaign

Start with a Sales Recovery Report to see your estimated audience size and potential ROI. Then set the amount you want to offer each shopper.

Reconnect with your shoppers

We’ll send an email on your behalf to targeted shoppers to let them know they have a Store Cash offer from you.

Shoppers can return

Store Cash is automatically applied when the shopper revisits your site and checks out with PayPal during the offer period.

Measure your success

Your Store Cash dashboard helps you track the number of offers redeemed and sales recovered in real time.

1 Store Cash isn’t available for all accounts right now. Click Get Started to see if Store Cash is enabled for your account with PayPal.

2 You can upgrade to Smart Payment Buttons easily without revising your entire existing Checkout integration. Learn more about adding Smart Payment Buttons to your online store.

3 Based on the analysis of enterprise merchant websites from 03/08/2019 - 11/14/2019 by PayPal.

4 Based on the analysis of 277 merchant websites from 4/13/2019 to 04/15/2019 by PayPal.