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How do I integrate Express Checkout with Yahoo Merchant Solutions?

Here's how:
  1. Log in to your Yahoo admin panel.
  2. Click Store Control Panel.
  3. Click Payment Center under Order Settings.
  4. Click Add New Processor.
  5. Select Sign Up For PayPal Express Checkout.
  6. Click Sign Up for PayPal Express Checkout.
  7. Log in with your email address and the password of your PayPal account.
  8. Click I Agree.
  9. Click Return to Yahoo! Merchant Services. (If you're not automatically returned to the Yahoo Admin panel, navigate to it manually to configure Express Checkout options.)
    Note: Your account will remain as pending in the Payment Center until you have completed all necessary steps at PayPal including enabling the APIs to allow Yahoo Small Business to communicate on your behalf with PayPal. Once complete, your account will appear as PayPal Express Checkout in the Payment Center.
  10. You'll now see PayPal Express Checkout listed as a payment processor. Click Edit to configure the following settings:
  • Transaction Setting - Select either Automatic Capture or Authorize Only.
  • Account Status - Select Active.
  • Required PayPal Account - Select either Required or Not Required. (Selecting Not Required will allow your buyers to use PayPal Express Checkout as a Guest without a PayPal account.)
  • Display PayPal in Checkout - Select All.
  1. Review additional options.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Return to your Store Manager.
  4. Under Order Settings, select Publish Order Settings, then click Publish.
  5. Select Return to Store Manager or Close to complete.
You'll find more information on integrating PayPal Express Checkout with Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business in Yahoo!'s article on Getting Started with PayPal Express Checkout.

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