How do I download a statement report of my PayPal transaction history?

You can download your transaction history into CSV, TAB, PDF, Quicken or Quickbooks file. A CSV or TAB file can be opened in any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.

Here's how to download an activity report of your transaction history:

  1. Go to Activity.
  2. Click Statements on the right of the page, then click Custom.
  3. Select the transaction type, date range and file format.
  4. Click Create Report.
  5. When the report is ready, click Download.
You can also download your monthly statement. This statement summarizes, for each currency held by the account, total debits and credits as well as the beginning and ending balance for the specified month.

Here's how to download your monthly statement:

  1. Go to Activity.
  2. Click Statements on the right of the page, then click Standard.
  3. Under a specific year, select the monthly statement you're looking to download.
  4. Click Download.

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