Why did I get result code 1?

PayPal returned result code 1 - User authentication failed.

This result code is related to incorrect login information.

First, verify that you entered correct user, vendor, partner, and password values. If you entered any incorrect values, log in again using the proper values.

If you logged in correctly, one of the following situations may have produced result code 1: 

  • You may have entered invalid processor information. Contact the merchant bank to verify that you have the correct processor ID.
  • The "Allowed IP Address" security feature detected that the transaction came from an unknown IP address. For details on how to update the allowed IP addresses, contact PayPal Manager technical support
  • You used a test (not active) account to submit a transaction to the live PayPal servers. Change the host address from the test server URL to the live server URL, then try the transaction again.

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