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Let your customers pay a custom amount as soon as they arrive on your PayPal.Me page. It’s perfect when you’re selling your creations, or negotiating a bulk price.

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PayPal.Me means no more trips to the bank to cash checks, or complicated wire transfers. Simply share your link with your customers and they can pay you instantly.

Simple and worry-free.

And both you and your customers can benefit from our Protection Programs*. To And your customers can benefit from our Protection Program*.

How PayPal.Me works.



Create your personal PayPal.Me link with your PayPal account. Don’t have a PayPal account? Sign up now, it only takes a few minutes.



Share your link anywhere via email, text, or on social media and let your customers enter the amount.


Get paid

Your customers follow your link and log in to PayPal to complete the payment. The payments are then transferred to your account in moments.

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