How to start selling with PayPal

3 simple steps to start accepting payments

Sell anywhere in the world with just few clicks

Sign up for a free PayPal Account.
Confirm your email address.
Choose a payment solution…And start selling!

Sign up for a free PayPal Account

1. Sign up for a free PayPal Account

If you are an individual and sell occasionally, sign up for a Premier Account. If you operate with a company, sign up for a Business Account with multi-level controlled access for your employees.

Sign up now

2. Confirm your email

After signing up PayPal, we will automatically send you an email asking you to confirm your email address. As soon as you confirm your email address, your PayPal account will be ready to accept payments.

Confirm your email
Choose a payment solution

3. Choose a payment solution

Accept payments on your website, mobile, eBay or email an invoice. No matter how you do business, PayPal can help you get paid. Simply select a PayPal payment solution to get started.

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