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What’s an “authorization” and can I cancel it?

When you authorize a payment to a merchant, you agree to make a purchase for a specified amount. Your account will show a “Pending” authorization until the merchant captures the payment. Once a merchant processes the order, they capture the payment and charge your account. The payment will show as ‘"Complete” and the merchant will ship the item.

Neither you nor PayPal can cancel an order, but the merchant might be able to cancel it for you. If you need to cancel an order or authorization, please contact the merchant.

To see the seller’s contact details:

  1. Go to Activity.
  2. Select the payment.
  3. Use the contact information on this page to contact the seller.

Bear in mind: 

  • Orders and authorizations typically expire in 30 days. Authorizations are sometimes for a future payment, for example a hotel stay or reservation.
  • The venue will capture your payment when you arrive.
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