Keep You and Your Family Healthy

We'll keep you and your family in tip-top condition with best-in-class insurance plans and renowned specialists that provide healthy living plans and onsite check-ups. We organize an annual health checkup camp for all our employees.

Get Recognized and Rewarded for Innovation

Innovation is at the core of our company’s DNA. Innovation Awards are an initiative that encourage our employees to live, eat, breathe and create new technology. Employees are recognized based upon their participation in internal technology contests like LabRats, Hack-a-ton and Skunkworks. Patent Awards are also given to those who contribute to our growing pool of intellectual property.

Enjoy a Flexible Work Environment

PayPal aims to help its employees perform their jobs in the most productive work environment possible. At times, specific jobs or tasks may be productively accomplished through the use of flexible work arrangements. We fully support this and empower employees to work where they work best.

Rest and Recharge

Taking time off is essential to your personal well-being and professional success. In addition to our Time Off program, we offer four weeks of paid sabbatical for every five years of service. We can’t wait to hear your sabbatical story!

Make an Impact in the Local Community

The Chennai and Bangalore offices hold “Opportunity Hack” events, challenging developers to create solutions for nonprofits experiencing technology troubles. At a recent Opportunity Hack more than 35 nonprofits and 300 developers from Bangalore and Chennai participated in the 36-hour event.

Internal Employees

Grow your career with us. Please access our internal career opportunities while connected to our corporate network.

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