Data Transfer Terms

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Data Transfer Terms

Last Update: Aug 28, 2012


Use of Application
  1. In using the Application, your personal information, unique subscriber identification, unique communication device identification (eg. a manufacturing number, model name, product number) or action history (“User Data”) may be transferred to PayPal. If you do not agree to the following terms, PayPal shall reserve the right to suspend the provision of the Application.
  2. You are prohibited from displaying the contents of this Application publicly, and for commercial purposes or the like, and shall not allow any third party to do so on your behalf as well. The viewing of the contents of this Application shall only be limited for your own purpose.
  3. The use of these contents may only be used in a method prescribed by PayPal.

Acquisition of Personal Information and Others

The information that you provide in association with the use of this Application shall be transmitted from your mobile device to PayPal. PayPal shall use this information in accordance with the terms of its User Agreement and Privacy Policies.

Use of User Data Information

  1. PayPal may acquire the User Data through the user’s use of the Application. Such User Data may include (but not limited to) a unique subscriber identification, unique communication device identification, (information on a communication device main unit (a manufacturing number, model name and product number and others), information on an action history of the content (a viewed content history, purchase history and others), location information and technical information related to communication environment that PayPal acquires through your use of the Application.
  2. PayPal may treat the User Data information separately from your personal information.
  3. PayPal may use or sell the User Data acquired through your use of the Application as statistical analysis materials of marketing information.
Purpose of Use of Acquired Information

PayPal shall use the User Data that it acquires for the purposes below:

  1. To provide customer support, including responding to inquires from users, providing information on the procedure for use of the PayPal Service and other information.
  2. To perform analysis on the use situation, measurement of effects and various marketing surveys and analysis for the purpose of improving user-friendliness and service quality as well as providing beneficial service, and to provide the analysis, measurement and survey results to the third parties on condition that an user is not identifiable from these results.
  3. To provide information on services offered by PayPal and other partner companies.
  4. To deal with disputes, lawsuits and others.
  5. To identify whether or not any privileges PayPal provides are applied to the user.
  6. To calculate distribution amounts of paid fees and proceeds from sale between PayPal and any relevant partner.
  7. To prevent fake contracts and unfair uses of the PayPal Service (fraudulent acquisition of identifications) and conduct investigation in case such incident occurs.
  8. Other than the above, to do work necessary for providing the PayPal Service.

In case of any conflict of any terms and conditions of the Data Transfer Terms and our Privacy Policy, the terms of our Privacy Policy shall prevail.