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What are disputes and claims?

If items haven’t been received or the items don’t match the original description, PayPal has a dispute process to help buyers and sellers resolve the issue. We encourage buyers to try contacting their sellers directly before disputing a payment through PayPal as this is often the easiest and most efficient way to resolve the issue.

A dispute can be opened within 180 days from the date of the payment. Once a buyer initiates a dispute process in the Resolution Center, we’ll hold the funds for the particular transaction(s) until the dispute is resolved.

After a dispute has been opened, buyers and sellers have 20 days to communicate and decide on a resolution. When a mutual agreement is reached and the issue is resolved, the case can be closed.

When disputes can’t be resolved, either party can escalate the dispute to a claim. Once escalated to a claim, we will investigate the case and decide the outcome. Please note that once a case is closed, it cannot be re-opened.

To learn more about dispute and claim processes, click Legal at the bottom of any PayPal page and click User Agreement for PayPal Service.

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