Buyer Complaint Process

The vast majority of PayPal payments occur without problems. If an issue should arise on a purchase, PayPal will work to settle disputes through our Buyer Complaint Process.

The Buyer Complaint Process is a way for buyers to issue formal complaints regarding items paid for through PayPal but never received. This system helps build confidence in the PayPal community and helps maintain a safe trading community.


We encourage buyers to initiate communication with sellers if they have a problem with a transaction. Through open communication, many disputes can be resolved amicably. In cases where communication does not resolve a problem, you may file a claim through the Buyer Complaint Process.

Once you file a claim, PayPal will investigate the case and attempt to come to a fair resolution. If our investigation determines that you are owed money by the seller, we will make every effort to recover funds for you. We will try to complete our investigation and provide any reimbursement within 180 days from the date the Buyer Complaint Form is filed.

For further information on increasing the safety of your transactions, please review Fraud Prevention Tips for Buyers.

Buyer Complaint Process Requirements

In order for a transaction to be eligible for Buyer Complaint Process review:
  • You must have used PayPal to pay for your purchase.
  • You must not have received the item that you purchased.
  • You must file a claim within 180 days of payment.
  • Your purchase must be a tangible item. Services and intangible items, such as emailed recipes and e-books, are not covered.


If a buyer files a claim against an item you sold, PayPal will investigate the transaction and attempt to determine a fair resolution. Here are some tips to help you prevent claims from occurring:
  • Use a shipping service that can be tracked online. If necessary, this will help prove that the item was delivered.
  • Be willing to provide as much information as possible to the investigating agent. If you fail to provide necessary information, we will automatically grant the buyer a refund.
For specific terms and conditions of the Buyer Complaint Process, please review the Buyer Complaint Policy in our User Agreement. You will be asked to log in before you can file a claim.

You will need to log in before you visit the Resolution Center