Government Payments - Give Citizens More Options to Pay with PayPal


Offer more government payment options – and save

Government Payments

Give citizens the ability to pay for services and fees online, 24/7 – without adding staff. Use PayPal to provide better government payment services, reduce costs, and eliminate PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance burdens.

  • Provide a choice of payment options
  • Pay low processing and no set-up fees
  • Offload PCI compliance to PayPal
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Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal

Everything needed to collect government payments – permit and license fees, utility payments, recreation program fees, and more – online. Download Government Datasheet

Key Benefits
Reporting and Back Office
Your Money
Fraud Protection
International Currencies

Here are a few reasons why local governments should use PayPal to accept online payments:

Provide Better Service

Provide better government payment services to citizens by allowing them to pay online around the clock. They can choose to make payments with PayPal account balances, bank transfers, e-checks, debit cards, or major credit cards – all from one PayPal button that's easy to add to government sites.

Do More with Less

With PayPal, there is no need to staff payment counters, reconcile checks, or manually create reports. PayPal automates the payment and reporting process from start to finish, freeing local government employees to focus on other critical tasks. And with low transaction fees and no monthly, set-up, or cancellation fees, payment processing costs decline as well.

Safeguard Financial Information

Offload the responsibility and risk of storing financial information – PayPal does it all. PayPal is a leader in online payment security, using state-of-the-art technology to protect the financial information of citizens and relieve local governments of the burden of complying with PCI standards.

  • Serve citizens more efficiently with PayPal.
  • Offer more government payment options – and save. TRY IT NOW