Resolve a problem with a sale.

Disputes may arise due to several reasons – from shipping delays to damaged items to unauthorised transactions. That's why we keep the lines of communication open between sellers and buyers, making it easier for you to resolve things quickly and successfully.


We’ll email you if a dispute is raised and place a hold on the funds.


You can communicate with the buyer in the Resolution Centre.


If you can’t resolve the dispute, escalate it to a claim for our review.

Communication is key.

Your customers may dispute a transaction due to failure to receive an item they’ve ordered, or they received an item that is significantly different from your description. In rare cases, a dispute may arise from unauthorised activities observed in their accounts, or a simply lack of communication. Maintaining ongoing communications with customers is the first step in working to reduce the likelihood of claims, disputes and chargebacks.

Here’re a few tips to help you along.

Don’t lose out.

With Seller Protection, you’re safeguarded against unauthorised payments or claims, reversals due to suspicion of fraud and item not received claims.

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