Recharge India

PayPal India’s six-week program is designed to support women technologists who want to return to work after taking time off to focus their passion or family. The program is a part of our commitment towards enabling a culture of diversity and inclusion.

In India, 48% of women take a career break due to personal reasons like starting a family, getting married or to pursue a passion. According to the latest Talent Neuron study, 62% women would rather quit, take a break, or move to an organization that is more women-friendly for overall family care, than stay in their current role.

At PayPal, we are focused on providing diverse solutions to real-world challenges. Recharge aims to equip women technologists with the skills and confidence required to help them get back to work and jumpstart their careers after a break. At the end of the program, the participants may have the opportunity to work with us to build next-generation payments.

The programme, over the past two years has received close to 1500 applications with at least three years of experience in software development, PMO, Quality or Analytics. Among these, more than 200 were invited to participate in a skill-building event; 75 of those joined our Bootcamp; and 20 participants were given the opportunity to join PayPal.

“PayPal’s Recharge program gave me hope for renewing my career aspirations after having to take a break for childcare. It provided me with the confidence needed to realize that many of the skills gained during time away from the workplace are transferable and relevant. The 10-day Recharge Bootcamp also offered insights into how working practices have evolved recently.” 

Abirami Mahadevan, Release Manager
PayPal India

Pictured: First Recharge India Cohort

PayPal has an ongoing commitment to build a strong and diverse organization as well as support and encourage women to pursue technical careers.


Who should apply?

Are you a professional woman who has taken a career break and are now wondering how to start your journey back into your career? If this describes you, then you should apply for our Recharge program. Specifically, we are looking for women who have been out of the workforce for at least 1-5 years, but are ready to resume your careers.