What are the documents needed for the PayPal KYC procedure?

A list of what you need to complete your KYC

After signing up for a PayPal Business Account, you’ll need to complete 4 easy steps to activate your account before you can start getting paid. To start receiving local payments, you will need to go through the KYC Procedure that helps protect your business. Here’s a list of all the important personal and business information you’ll need to make the process faster.

For Individual & Other Business Owners

Email Address

What is this? – A valid email address registered to your business that’ll serve as the primary email address for your PayPal account.

Individual PAN (Permanent Account Number)

What is this? – Your PAN account number required for tax purposes.

Proof of Bank Account

What is this? – A copy of Cancelled Cheque or recent Bank statement containing your name and Bank Account number.

Proof of Residential Address

What is this? – A copy of any form of ID or utility bill containing your residential address issued by the Government.

How to complete your KYC set up (Individual):

Additional For Sole Proprietors & Small Businesses

Proof of Business Entity

What is this? – A copy of your Business Registration document or GST certificate.

Proof of Business Address

What is this? – A copy of any recent utility bill or GST certificate with your business address.

Proof of Business PAN

What is this? – A copy of your official business PAN.

Letter of Authorisation (LOA)

What is this? – A letter that contains your business’ official letterhead to authorise the PayPal Account Holder to manage all PayPal related activities.

Once you have everything in hand, you’re ready to activate your account and start getting paid!

How to complete your KYC set up (Sole Proprietor):

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