Why is my payment from a sale on eBay on hold?

Here are some common reasons why your eBay payment may be subjected to a hold:

  • You’re a new seller (whether on or off eBay);
  • You have a “Below Standard” seller rating on eBay; or
  • The payment you received may be considered unusual for your selling pattern.

To encourage faster delivery and help ensure buyer satisfaction, your payment has been temporarily held for up to 21 days from the transaction date.

How do I get my eBay payment sooner?
If you fulfil the order quickly and mark the item as sent in your eBay account, the pending payment should be available 7 days after the estimated delivery date. However, if your buyer reports any transaction issue, the payment will continue to hold until the issue is resolved.

While your payment is on hold, it’ll stay in your PayPal account under your pending balance. You can view the status of your payment anytime on the Activity page.

Note: After your hold is released, it may take until midnight (but it's usually sooner) for the money to appear in your account.