Why did I get the error "Vital TSYS Registration Error - No match in database" when activating my Payflow Pro account?

PayPal presented the error message, "TSYS Registration Error - No match in database" while activating your account.

Your merchant bank didn't send the merchant account data to TSYS by your merchant bank, so no match was found in the PayPal database.

Here's how to resolve this issue:

  1. Before contacting Payflow Support, check that the v-number that was issued to you is eight digits long and includes a leading capital "V" or the number 7. If you received a seven-digit v-number, add a leading capital V to make it eight digits such as, 1234567 >> V1234567.
  2. Try to register again and if you continue to receive the registration error, contact Payflow Support by phone at 1-888-883-9770 or by email at payflow-support@paypal.com. Have the complete TSYS setup information available and include the information in the email.
Once a Payflow Support representative manually updates and confirms your account, you can bypass the TSYS registration step in the account activation process and register your account as necessary.