Why am I suspended from PayPal Seller Protection? How do I become eligible again?

To ensure a safer transaction environment, we review all accounts and activities in our system regularly. On rare occasions, we may suspend some sellers’ eligibility for PayPal Seller Protection if there’s a higher than usual risk associated with their accounts, which may be attributed by their volume of buyer complaints, payment reversal and fraud rates.

Every 90 days, we’ll periodically re-evaluate the accounts under suspension to determine if they can become eligible for protection again. Here are some tips that may help you restore your eligibility at the earliest:

Providing excellent customer service

  - Offer a refund and post your return policy where customers can see it.

  - Use a reputable shipping service.

  - Set up a customer service message within your PayPal account.

  - Be professional, helpful and courteous if a customer contacts you. Post customer service contact information, including working hours and response time.

Reducing the risk of fraud

  - Provide detailed and accurate descriptions of items for sale and include pictures from multiple angles.

  - Verify the customer’s order information before shipping, such as the address and phone number. If an order looks suspicious, contact the customer to verify information. Also, delay shipping any high-risk orders and avoid shipping them overnight unless you are confident the order is legitimate.

  - Use tools to detect fraud, such as IP geolocation, device identification, fraud filters, etc.

  - Keep your Credit Card Statement Name updated to make sure that your customers can recognise your transaction easily on their card statement.

  - Review orders for anything unusual, such as:

  • Shipping to a high risk country
  • Orders that are larger than normal
  • Requests for change of shipping address after the order has been paid for
  • Abnormally large numbers of international orders within a short period of time
  • Several orders from different customers shipping to the same address
  • Overpayments with additional requests
  • Rush or overnight shipping
  • Orders from a suspicious email address
  • Orders from a suspicious postal address (e.g. P.O. boxes, vacant buildings)
  • Multiple separate orders from the same PayPal account

Please visit our Security page to learn more about PayPal Seller Protection and tips for selling safely in India.