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  • New Express Checkout experiences (not Classic).
Enable Guest Checkout. ✔ ✔
  • With Braintree Direct, you can enable Guest Checkout or signup at the merchant account level.
  • NVP/SOAP controls Guest Checkout at the transaction level; that is, different websites using the same merchant account can display Guest Checkout or not.
Support for pre-approved PayPal payments ✔* ✔*
  • Braintree Direct supports pre-approved payments between merchants and customers for PayPal transactions.
* Note: The use of pre-approved payments requires vetting by PayPal. This is included with the Braintree complete payment solution, but would be an additional step for Express Checkout-only via Braintree SDK integrations. Simplified PCI compliance ✔ ✔   Seller protection ✔ ✔   World-class service ✔ ✔   Automated on-boarding ✔ ✔  
View Express Checkout - Braintree Direct and standard NVP integration demos and download code samples on the PayPal Demo Portal.