What's an eCheque? Why hasn't the eCheque I received cleared yet?

An eCheque is an electronic payment that is sent directly from the sender's bank account to your PayPal account. It's similar to a paper cheque, only issued electronically.

Please note that eCheques aren’t instant payments. When a sender sends you an eCheque, their bank account will be debited, but the transaction status will remain as "Pending" in your PayPal account until you actually receive the funds. Depending on the banks involved, this can take up to 8 business days to complete.

To see the expected clearing date, please go to your Activity page and click on the eCheque transaction to view the details. As soon as the eCheque clears, the funds will be deposited into your PayPal account.

We suggest that you Do NOT ship any items or provide any services until the eCheque clears and the payment shows available in your PayPal balance.

If the eCheque payment hasn’t cleared by the expected date, please contact your buyer to check with their bank.