How do I integrate PayPal Payments Standard with osCommerce?

When you integrate Payments Standard with osCommerce, your customers are transferred to PayPal, where they enter their payment information. All credit card and PayPal transactions take place on a PayPal checkout page.

Here's how to integrate osCommerce with PayPal Payments Standard:

  1. Log in to your osCommerce admin panel.
  2. Click Modules.
  3. Click Payment. (If the PayPal Payments Standard module is already installed, skip to Step 7.)
  4. Click Install Module.
  5. Scroll down the Modules list until you find the PayPal section, and select PayPal Website Payments Standard.
  6. Click Install Module.
  7. Select the PayPal Payments Standard module and click Edit.
  8. Complete the following fields:
    • Enable PayPal Web Payments Standard - Select True.
    • Seller E-Mail Address - Enter your PayPal email address.
    • Transaction Method - Select either Authorization or Sale.
    • Gateway Server - Select Live.
    • Review additional options.
  9. Click Save.
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