How do I integrate Payflow Pro with 3dcart?

Configure your PayPal Manager settings Here's how:
  1. Log in to your Payflow Manager account.
  2. Click Service Settings.
  3. Click Set Up.
  4. Under Security Options, set the following:
  • AVS - Set to NO.
  • CSC - Set to NO.
  1. Click Save Changes.
Integrate Payflow Pro with 3dcart Here's how:
  1. Log in to your 3dcart admin panel.
  2. Select Settings > Payments.
  3. Click Select Payment Methods.
  4. Click Add New under Payment Methods.
  5. Select Payment Method > PayPal Payflow Pro.
  6. Click Add New.
  7. Complete your PayPal Payflow Pro integration:
  • Caption - Select Credit CardCredit or Debit Card or Pay Using Credit/Debit, and so on.
  • Customer Group - Set to ALL.
  • Region - Set to All / All unless you intend to restrict who can use this method.
  • UserID/Partner/Vendor - Enter your Payflow Pro user ID, partner name, and vendor name.

Note: PayPal strongly recommends that you create a unique Payflow User account with restricted permissions. For increased security, use this value as your user ID and use its associated password rather than the admin password.
  • Password - Click the Pencil and enter your password for the PayPal Payments Pro USER account.
  • Authorize Only - Check this if you want Delayed Capture.
  • Review any additional options.
  1. Click Save.

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