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How do I get started with PayPal’s payment solutions?

PayPal offers various payment solutions to power up any business, whether you have a website or not. If you're a seller, you can upgrade your Individual account to a Business account to enjoy more powerful features for business.

Here are a few payment solutions we offer in India:
  • Website Payments Standard: You can simply copy and paste our payment button code to your website to start receiving payments.
  • Express Checkout: An API-based solution that allows you to customise your customer’s checkout experience.
  • Invoicing: You can bill your customer directly without setting up your own website.

Find out the payment solution that suits your business the best, and learn more about your next steps.

For technical support on implementing the payment solutions, please visit our dedicated Merchant Integration Tech Support Community and PayPal Developer Centre.

Note: To enhance your account safety and remove initial account limits, please confirm your email address and complete identity confirmation.
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