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How do I get my PayPal payment sooner for a transaction on hold?

If a payment you received is on hold, you can often speed up the release of temporarily unavailable funds by processing your sales quickly and then providing the fulfilment details.

Here are some specific actions you can take:
Action Time to release What you need to do
Add tracking info 3 days after delivery with supported carriers Upload the tracking number provided by one of our supported carriers in the transaction details page. PayPal will release the payment within 3 days of the courier confirming delivery.
Mark the transaction status 7 days after "Mark as shipped" (14 days for international transactions) If you can’t provide a tracking number of our supported carriers, you can send the item and then mark it as "shipped" in the transaction details page.
7 days after "Mark as processed" (14 days for international transactions) If you don't have a tracking number (typically because you sold an intangible good or provided a service), you can mark the item as processed in the transaction details page.
Buyer confirmation 3 days after buyer confirmation Your buyers will have the option to confirm that they received the item if you transaction is held. They'll also receive the notification email after you upload tracking info or mark the transaction status.

Without these actions, the funds will typically be available after 21 days of receipt as long as there's no open case or other issue associated with this transaction.
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