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What kinds of transactions aren't eligible for PayPal Seller Protection?

Here are some examples for your reference:

  • Claims or chargebacks for items which are significantly not as described.
  • Items that you deliver in person, including at a physical store.
  • Digital goods such as music or computer game downloads.
  • Direct card payments not made through a PayPal account and email payments (excluding PayPal Invoices).
  • Items that are sent after PayPal has advised the seller not to ship the item.
  • Items that aren't shipped to the recipient address as stated in the Transaction Details. If an item is first shipped to the recipient address and later redirected to another address, the said transaction will not be covered by PayPal Seller Protection. We suggest that you use a shipping service which you've arranged yourself so you'll be able to provide valid tracking information if required.

To check if your transaction is eligible for Seller Protection, please go to the Activity page and view the transaction details.

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