PayPal Merchant Testimonials: On Fees

A Cost-Effective Payment Solution

"The fact that PayPal was totally free upfront ... it was just a no-brainer." Kurt Denke,

"With PayPal, my cost to initiate the business was really next to zero." Floyd Hacker,

"The only reason I could even consider starting a business like was because of PayPal." Dan Pritchett,

Kurt Denke of

When they started, Kurt and Pam Denke faced uncertainties that eventually brought them to PayPal. “At the outset, we didn’t know whether this was going to be a very large business or a very small one,” Kurt notes. “We looked at all kinds of payment processing solutions. But with us just starting out, the initial fees to set up a merchant credit card processing arrangement and online payment processing gateway were just too much."

For Kurt and Pam, implementing PayPal made sense financially. “The fact that PayPal was totally free upfront, that there were no monthly fees of any kind, and that the rates were really competitive, it was just a no-brainer. Plus, the PayPal Shopping Cart is free.”
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Floyd Hacker of

As a merchant just starting out, it was crucial for Floyd to find an affordable way to accept payments online. “I looked at the cost of setting up a merchant account with a bank. The monthly service charges and high transaction fees were outrageous.”

Floyd was familiar with PayPal, having already used it to purchase items online. He decided to investigate. “I was amazed by how many millions of people were using PayPal, and surprised to learn that there weren’t any setup fees or monthly fees.With PayPal, my cost to initiate the business was really next to zero. The more I looked into it, the more I realised, ‘Yes, this is the way to go.’”
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Dan Pritchett of

PayPal’s low fees were crucial in enabling Dan to get started as a merchant. “A standard merchant account would have cost me hundreds of dollars in setup fees, monthly fees, etc. But with PayPal, I was able to open an account with no upfront costs and really reasonable fees … even cheaper than what many of the credit cards were offering… The only reason I could even consider starting a business like was because of PayPal.”
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Marla Cilley of

While Marla had never heard of PayPal, she had wanted to build a business model where most of her sales came through the website. “Mail orders just cost us a fortune… our processing fees are 4.9 %. ” Marla decided it was time to learn more about PayPal and getting online. After comparing PayPal to merchant accounts, she decided her customers were right. From the low fee structure to the ease of implementation to the security of the system, PayPal met all of Marla’s requirements.
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