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Buttons for gift vouchers

To sell gift vouchers, put a Buy Gift Voucher button on your website. Creating the button is easy. We provide the HTML code, which you simply copy and paste to your site. Your customers can then click it to buy a gift voucher. See button features you can customise.

Gift Voucher

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  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payments right away.
  • No monthly, set-up, or cancellation fees. Only low transaction fees.

Note: After creating your Buy Gift Voucher buttons, you can place them on your website to see how they look. However, for the buttons to work, you need a Premier or Business account.

How could you use the Buy Gift Voucher button?

Let's say you're a jewelry designer and you want to offer gift vouchers on your website so customers can share your creations with friends and family. If you put a Buy Gift Voucher button on your site, your customers won't have to guess whether Aunt Daisy would like a rhinestone anklet. By selling gift vouchers on your website, you can let everyone choose a bauble that is just right for them.

Create your button now

Gift Voucher Example

Doing more with your buttons

If you or your developer want to write advanced functions for the Buy Gift Voucher button, learn more in the Integration Center.