Accept online payments in a few minutes.

With our Website Payment Standard you can start accepting credit cards and PayPal payments on your website, on eBay, by email, and from mobiles. No setup charges or monthly fees. One easy to setup solution handles it all.

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Global trust

We’re being trusted by millions of active shoppers around the world, who can pay any way they want and in the language of their choice. Once they see PayPal is available on your website, they can have the peace of mind they need during the checkout process.

All around protection.

Our Seller Protection can help protect you. If you receive an unauthorized payment, or if a buyer claims that an item didn’t arrive, we can help you get a refund. This is our Seller Protection. From fraud protection to 24/7 monitoring and advanced encryption, protecting your business is serious business to us.

Mobilize yourself.

Our checkout pages are automatically optimized for mobile devices. This way, you can offer your mobile customers a faster, simpler and mobile-friendly shopping experience they'll be happy to come back to again and again, whether they use their smartphone or tablet.

Build your business with our Partners.

Website Payments Standard takes your customers to a PayPal hosted checkout page to take the burden of protecting their financial data from you. It also works with the most popular shopping carts in Israel and around the world, including e-shop, Konimbo, and others.

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More than just a payment method.

You can set up your button in about 15 minutes. It involves little more than copying and pasting a few lines of HTML onto your site. If you’re not sure what HTML is, you may need a little assistance but we have great online tutorials that can help you.

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