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PayPal Alternative Payment Methods Agreement

Last Update: August 5, 2020


These Terms are a contract between you and PayPal Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean company, and govern your use of all PayPal Services. (“PayPal”, “we” or “us”).

1. About these Terms

These Terms apply to your use of any of our APM functionality.

For reference:

  • APM functionality is functionality provided by us which, if integrated into your online checkout, enables your customer to select and use any alternative payment method (APM) (as we may allow from time to time) to pay you; and
  • an alternative payment method (APM) is any payment method listed in Annex 1, which we may allow anybody without an Account to send a payment to your Business Account, subject to these Terms.

These Terms are in addition to the PayPal User Agreement and its incorporated policies, including the Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy which are applicable for the country where you are registered with PayPal as resident. Capitalised words which are not defined in these Terms are defined in that User Agreement. As much as possible, these Terms and the User Agreement should be interpreted as a consistent whole. Where a conflict of interpretation arises, these Terms shall override the User Agreement to the extent of the conflict.

The definition of the Services in the User Agreement, when read together with these Terms, includes our APM functionality.

2. Accepting these Terms

You agree to these Terms by integrating our APM functionality into your online checkout/platform.

If you integrate our APM functionality for the Account of another person or legal entity:

  • you confirm that you have the permission of that other person or legal entity to legally bind them to these Terms for and on their behalf; and
  • that other person or legal entity will be legally bound by these Terms instead of you.

3. Using APM functionality

When you integrate our APM functionality into your online checkout, we may (but are not obliged to) allow anybody to use an APM to pay you.

Annex 1 of these Terms list each APM which we may make available to your customers from time to time and further provisions relating to your receipt of payments from customers using that APM. You must comply with those provisions at all times.

As the payer does not use a PayPal Account to send an APM payment, you may not use PayPal to proactively refund APM payments, unless otherwise stated in Annex 1 of these Terms.

You may not receive APM payments in currencies other than those stated for the given APM in Annex 1 of these Terms.

You may use our APM functionality only with a Business Account and not a Personal Account.

No additional percentage-based Cross Border Fee applies to any APM transaction.

4. Your liability to us

We may treat the APM providers and the payment processors which help us to enable you to receive APM payments in the same way as we treat our bank/card acquirers and/or other payment processors under the User Agreement.

APM payments are at risk of reversals by the APM provider unless otherwise stated in Annex 1. Your obligations and liability towards us for these reversals are the same as those you have towards us for Reversals and/or Chargebacks under the User Agreement. The APM provider may influence the reversal of an APM payment in the same way as the payer’s bank may influence a Reversal and/or the payer’s card company may influence a Chargeback. Seller Protection does not apply to APM payments.

After termination of these Terms you will continue to be liable towards us under these Terms for reversals of APM payments by the APM providers and all your outstanding obligations arising from your use of the APM functionality prior to termination.

5. Changes and termination

We may add to or remove from the list of APMs/APM providers in Annex 1 of these Terms at any time and without notice.

Otherwise, we may amend, delete or add to these Terms in line with the change process set out in the User Agreement. If you do not agree with any change, you may terminate these Terms.

You may terminate these Terms at any time by removing our APM functionality from your online checkout and following any other integration-related steps which PayPal may make available to you from time to time. This enables you stop allowing your customers to use an APM to pay you, but otherwise your Account remains open and the User Agreement remains in effect.

We may, at any time, for any reason and (where possible) with reasonable prior notice, terminate, cancel or suspend the Service to the extent it relates to our APM functionality and/or APMs without liability towards you.

These Terms survive any termination to the extent and for so long as we are required to: (i) deal with matters arising from your use of the APM functionality prior to termination; and/or (ii) comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Annex 1