Confirmed Address - PayPal

Confirmed Address

PayPal offers confirmed addresses to help:

  • Guard against stolen credit cards.
  • Prevent identity theft.
  • Decrease chances of receiving a chargeback. (However, it is important to note that you can still receive a chargeback for reasons unrelated to fraud.)

What is a confirmed address?

  • When a buyer’s credit card billing and shipping addresses are the same.
  • In some cases, PayPal has examined the buyer’s PayPal account history.

Shipping to an unconfirmed address.

Most unconfirmed addresses are not fraudulent, and sellers don’t usually experience problems with them. When you do ship to an unconfirmed address, PayPal encourages you to be alert and minimize risk by following our Security Tips for Sellers.

How a buyer can confirm an address.

Inform your buyer about how to confirm their address by communicating the following options:

  1. Add a credit card to their PayPal account. PayPal will confirm the credit card billing address (the address where you receive your credit card statement).
  2. Alternate address confirmation. This process takes several days and is only available for U.S. accounts. To learn more, log in to your PayPal account and visit Alternate Address Confirmation.

Additional resources for sellers.

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