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Safer Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 7

It's all about the address bar

We worked closely with Microsoft to make sure our webpages have the latest security features in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). With IE7, the security level of a page is signaled by the color of the address bar.

IE7 helps PayPal users:
  • Make safer decisions when visiting websites
  • Avoid fraud and data theft if lured to fake sites

To find out what version of Internet Explorer you're using, click the browser’s Help menu, and select About. If you're using an older version:

  1. Download IE7 now.
  2. Activate the anti-phishing filter in IE7.

Safer browsers are only a start

Even though IE7 contains safeguards, you should always check the URL carefully when you visit a website. Find out more from the Safer Web Browsers Overview and Safer Web Browsers FAQ.

Additional resources

To learn more Online Safety Essentials, go to:

Red means stop

If you see a red address bar, stop browsing and don’t enter any personal information on this page.

Green means go

On PayPal, only enter personal information when you see the green address bar in IE7.

What is the address bar or sensitive personal information?