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Why is my payment from a sale on eBay on hold?

To keep your money safer, we're placing your payments from sales on eBay to one side, in your pending balance. This is commonplace for new or inexperienced sellers, but can also affect experienced sellers.

We've been dealing with online payments for years and we've realized that it helps to prevents losses, by keeping your money secure. It also makes buyers feel safer and more likely to return and purchase again.

Typically, you'll have access to these pending payments after:
  • 7 calendar days of the estimated delivery date, if you mark the item as sent in your eBay account, or
  • 21 calendar days, if you don't mark the item as sent in your eBay account
You're incoming payments will usually become instantly available to you once:
  • 90 days have passed since your first successful sale on eBay, and
  • You've received 250 USD from sales on eBay, and
  • You've had 25 sales on eBay
If you use PayPal postage to send an item related to a pending payment, the cost of your postage label will be released when you print the label.    
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