PayPal detailed payment request – How It Works

To send a detailed payment request with PayPal:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Go to the Request Payments tab
  3. Click on the Create a detailed payment request subtab
  4. Select an invoice template or blank template
  5. Fill out the detailed payment requests
  6. Review it
  7. Click Send detailed payment requests
  8. If you prefer, save your invoice as a template for future use
To pay you, the detailed payment requests recipient will:
  1. Open your email, read the detailed payment requests, and see the PayPal payment button
  2. Click the payment button in the email
  3. Log in to the secure PayPal payment page
  4. Review the details of your detailed payment requests
  5. Click Pay
When you receive a payment, PayPal will:
  1. Send you a "You've received new funds" email with the payment information and a link to the payment details
  2. Record the payment in the Transaction History of your PayPal account