Withdrawal Fees

Please select your country or region to see applicable withdrawal fees.

Country or Region:
Bank withdrawal fees
Bank LocationCurrencyWithdrawal FeeReturn Fee
Free ₪8.00 ILS
IsraelILSIf ₪1,000.00 ILS or more is withdrawnIf less than ₪1,000.00 ILS is withdrawnNone
United StatesUSDFreeNone

Card Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal FeeReturn FeeMinimum Withdrawal Amount
₪22.00 ILS₪40.00 ILS₪40.00 ILS

Withdrawals from your PayPal account must meet the minimum withdrawal amount.

If the information in your withdrawal request is incomplete or incorrect, PayPal will return the withdrawal amount to your PayPal account and charge a return fee. Your card issuer might charge additional fees.