The beauty of PayPal on eBay

PayPal for eBay buyers

How do most eBay buyers prefer to pay? PayPal of course.

Here's why

Shop with confidence

With PayPal you can pay for items in a few easy clicks and get protection for your eligible purchases. You can make PayPal payments using your credit card, your financial details are never seen by the seller. Sign up now

Yes, PayPal is that good.

Protection for your purchases

PayPal offers you protection* for your eligible eBay purchases - for the full purchase price of your item plus original shipping costs. So you can shop with confidence knowing that if you have any problems with your item, you can get a full refund of your purchase amount

Learn more about buyer protection.

Safer payments

One of the great things about PayPal is that your financial information is kept private and never shared with the seller. When you pay by cheque or even by card, you reveal your sort code, bank account or card number. Paying with PayPal on eBay means your seller only sees your email and delivery address. Use PayPal for, faster online payments

  1. You pay in a few clicks, without sharing any of your financial information
  2. Seller sees funds instantly in their PayPal account and posts your item
  3. You receive your item

You don't need to enter your bank or card details every time you pay, because PayPal remembers them for you. Simply select PayPal in the eBay checkout and pay in a few clicks.

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PayPal for eBay sellers

What do 99% of all eBay sellers list as a payment method? PayPal of course.

Here's why

You're Protected

PayPal Seller Protection covers eligible transactions against unauthorized payments and item not received claims, chargebacks, and reversals. See eligibility

Accept credit cards

Avoid the hassle and cost of setting up a traditional online merchant account. PayPal is the easy way to accept credit cards online.

Buyers can pay instantly in a few clicks

PayPal is seamlessly integrated into eBay checkout, making it quick and easy for your buyers. A host of seller tools and resources make it quick and easy for you, too.

Sell to buyers around the world

PayPal is accepted in 190 countries and 24 different currencies, which means you can sell your products to a truly global market.

Get your payments faster

PayPal is the faster way to get paid on eBay because buyers can check out in just a few easy clicks. So there's no waiting for cheques to arrive and clear - instead, you can receive your payments in your PayPal account. To make life easy, the PayPal payment option is automatically integrated into every listing you create.

The more you sell, the more you save

PayPal transaction charges come down as your total PayPal sales volume (on and off eBay) goes up, which is especially beneficial if you are considering using eBay as an additional sales channel. To receive the lower fees you must have qualifying sales volume and complete a one-time application.