PayPal QR codes - a secure and easy way to get paid in person

All you have to do is download your QR code from the PayPal app and your customers can pay you touch-free (no cash or cards required)*.

Casual Seller

How to get paid, without cards or cash

Accepting touch-free payments is easy.
Just follow these steps:



Your buyer opens the PayPal app, taps 'Scan' and holds their phone up to your QR code.



Then they enter the amount due and tap 'Send'.



The app automatically generates a payment confirmation. Just confirm the amount paid is correct and go - completely touch-free.

Download the PayPal app to get your QR code so your customers can pay you touch-free.

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* You only pay 0.90% + 0.10 EUR per transaction over 10 EUR, and lower fees for transactions 10 EUR and under. Fees are subject to change. For the most current fees, visit here.

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