Partner Programme FAQs.

Questions we often hear from prospective Partners.

Why should I join the PayPal Partner Programme?

The PayPal Partner Programme is a free membership programme designed to strengthen PayPal's relationship with its partners by providing relevant benefits. These include:

  • Access to the Partner Portal – Find partner resources, event calendars, best practices and product updates all in one convenient place.
  • Powerful insights – Access to exclusive knowledge, sales tips and training to help you grow your business.
  • Listing in the PayPal Partner Directory – Reach the Gold status and have the chance to list your company in the PayPal Partner Directory. Merchants can learn more about your business, products, and PayPal integrations.
  • Partner Communications – Stay in the know with timely communications, email updates and invitations to join partner events that keep you updated on PayPal product improvements and initiatives.
  • Merchant Support – Get help quickly and easily with technical support, whenever your merchants need it.
  • Expert integration support – Get personalised integration, and ongoing support for PayPal offerings from our top-notch team of specialists.
  • Joint Account Planning (select partners) – Collaborate with a Partner Manager to build business plans that strengthen your partnership and help increase sales.

Is my company eligible for the PayPal Partner Programme?

The PayPal Partner Programme is for partners who work with merchants. There are two main categories of PayPal Partner:

  • Solutions Partners: businesses who offer PayPal payments as an integrated part of their commerce solution.
  • Agency and Development Partners: digital agencies or commerce enablers who use their technical and professional expertise to implement PayPal payments into a commerce solution for their merchants.

How do I apply for the PayPal Partner Programme?

You can apply online. You will need a business PayPal account to access the portal. If you have one, simply click click “Join Now” to start the sign-up process. You will need to fill in a short form and accept the PayPal Partner terms and conditions. If you need to create a business PayPal account, please go here.

What are the participation levels?

The entry level for the Programme is “Member”. You will have the possibility of referring business to PayPal and gain credentials to become a “Gold” partner.

How do I refer business?

If you are a Solutions Partner, you will just need to integrate a unique tracking code, called a BN code. PayPal will provide you with one, once you are logged in to the platform. You must integrate this code in your solution. Then, all the merchants referred by you will be automatically assigned to your account.

If you are a web agency or development partner, you will refer merchants thought a unique referral link created for each of your clients through the platform. Any clients who complete the referral process will be automatically attached to your account.

This process will allow you gain credentials and become a Gold partner.

What are the benefits of being a Gold partner?

As a Gold Partner, you will enjoy the extra benefit of being part of the PayPal Directory listing. This is a privileged spot where you can showcase your business and attract merchants around the world.

Requirements for Gold Solutions Partners:

  • Have integrated a unique tracking code (called a BN Code).
  • Offer their customers a best-in-class experience with PayPal products.
  • Process at least $3 million USD per year in total volume through their customer base with PayPal products.

Requirements for Gold Web and Development Partners:

  • Have successfully referred at least 50 clients in a year or processed at least $2 million USD per year in total volume through their customer base with PayPal products.

Do I need to enter into an agreement to join the Programme?

Yes, upon sign-up you must accept the PayPal Partner terms and conditions to officially join the programme.

I do business in multiple countries. Do I need to sign up for the Partner Programme in each country?

This will depend on the countries in which you do business. The PayPal Partner Programme is divided into global regions to better serve regional needs. Visit our Global Partner Programme page to learn more about which countries are in each region.

Which PayPal products can I integrate?

PayPal offers a powerful suite of products for Partners to offer their merchants. If you’re not sure which product would be best for your business, contact one of our Partner Experts to review your company’s needs.

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