Why hasn't my money been deposited into my local bank account?

Your money may not be available yet in your bank account for the following reasons:

  • Make sure it has been 5-7 business days. You bank needs some times to transfer money to your account. Please consider that your bank may not operate on weekends and public holidays.
  • Your bank may have encountered a problem with your request. Common problems include an incorrect account number or routing number, or using an account that doesn’t accept electronic funds transfers. If the deposit is denied by your bank (because an incorrect bank account number was entered, for example), you’ll be charged for a return fee.

We would recommend contacting your bank to enquire about receipt of the withdrawal. If the money is still not in your bank account after 14 business days, please contact us and we’ll help you trace the missing withdrawal. Please note that we won’t be able to begin the tracing process if it has been less than 14 business days.

For our contact details, simply click Help on any PayPal page and click Call us or Email us.