How do I close the PayPal account of a deceased person? (Central and Latin America countries only)

***Note: the process below applies to all Central and Latin American countries. For details on your specific country, please reach out to your local Customer Service team.

Thank you for reaching out during what may be a difficult time for you. We hope to make it as easy as possible to close this account.

Before we can close the account, we need the executor or administrator of the estate to provide the following documents to

  • A cover sheet, providing the executor’s contact details (email address or phone number), stating that the account holder is deceased and that the representative would like to close the account.
  • A copy of the death certificate.
  • If a will exists, we need a certified copy of it identifying the executor of the estate.
  • If no will exists, we need a statement of who the likely administrator is and their interest in the estate and relationship with the deceased.
  • A government-issued Photo ID of the executor.
  • A signed copy of the Standard Indemnity Form.
  • A note specifying what to do with any money that remains in the PayPal account.
You can also mail the documents to our Bereavement Department at the following address:

Mail: P.O. Box 45950
Attn: ICA
Omaha, NE 68145

If any money remains in the account, we can:
  • Withdraw it to the bank account linked to the PayPal account.
  • Transfer it to a PayPal account chosen by the executor/ administrator.
  • Issue a wire transfer to a bank account.

Once we have received this information, we’ll follow up with the status of the account and any money left in it. Any mailed documentation will be destroyed once reviewed. We cannot return mailed documents.

If you have questions or need help in the meantime, please click Contact Us at the bottom of any PayPal page to reach out to our Customer Service team.