Secure your devices.

Whether you’re shopping online with PayPal or just browsing the internet, it’s important that you keep your computer and mobile devices secure and protected.

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Protect yourself against malware.

Viruses and malware (or malicious software) are software that infect your computer or mobile through security holes from out of date software or apps and unsafe downloads. If malware gets on your system, it can capture everything you type, including all your login usernames and passwords, and read all files on your system like your email, financial records, and other personal information. What’s more, malware can take over your system to send out spam emails and attack other peoples’ accounts, meaning you’re not just a victim, your computer or mobile becomes part of the problem.

Hackers will often sell the information they obtain through malware, which can then be used to steal your money and your identity.

Keep your software up to date.

Software is complex and often has minor bugs that hackers seek to exploit. To help avoid hackers getting to your data, software and app developers release updates regularly. You should install these as soon as they become available and, where possible, enable automatic updates.

To turn on automatic updates, go to your Control Panel for Windows, Preferences for Mac, or Settings for your mobile.

Popular software are key targets for hackers so it’s particularly important you keep these programs and applications up to date.

Operating systems like Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS.

Web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Other software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, and anti-virus software.

Use antivirus software.

File sharing is easy these days and someone could (intentionally or not) email or message you an infected file. Your system can also be compromised by a download that looks safe but isn’t. That’s where antivirus software comes in.

Antivirus software reviews all your incoming emails and downloads for malware and runs scheduled scans to make sure nothing suspicious has snuck onto your system.

More ways to keep your devices secure.

Use passwords and PINs

Passwords, PINs, and biometrics (Touch ID, Face ID or Fingerprint Manager) are the simplest way to ensure security on your devices, especially if they’re lost or stolen.

Enable “Find My Device”

If your mobile, tablet or computer has a “find my device” feature, activate it. This feature lets you remotely lock or wipe your device clean if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Download with caution

Whether it’s software, an app or a file, make sure you only download from reputable websites or people you trust and check reviews for users reporting problems.

PayPal helps you stay safe online.

Account security

Strong passwords and PINs keep your account safer.

Identify fakes

Identify and report fakes, frauds and phishing.

Avoid scams

Watch out for scams and learn to protect yourself.

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