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What if the amount reported on my Form 1099-K is incorrect?

We provided the list of all the transactions we included in the calculation of your total gross sales for goods or services. You received these transactions through PayPal in the previous calendar year.

We call this report the Reconciliation Report. You can find it in your PayPal account alongside the 1099-K Form (under the Tax Documents section.)

Please use the Reconciliation Report (under Transactions) to validate the amounts reported on the 1099-K Form issued to you by PayPal.

If after reviewing the Reconciliation Report, you still believe that there are differences in the amounts reported, please contact us.

Let us know the transactions that you didn’t receive for sales of goods or services. We'll need the specific transaction IDs for each payment you believe we shouldn’t include.

IRC section 6050W requires PayPal to report payments received for the sale of goods or services. We don’t report payments such as personal payments sent to family or friends. This may result in variance between this report and other reports you may receive from PayPal. Additionally, variances in currency exchange rates may also impact these reports.

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