PayPal Invoicing


Send detailed business invoices in minutes with the new, free PayPal Invoicing tool.

Invoice efficiently

PayPal Invoicing lets you easily send professional business invoices via email. You can:

  • Send an invoice for goods or services
  • Provide detailed line items by specifying quantity, unit price, item description, shipping details, tax, and currency
  • Generate automatically calculated totals
Create invoices quickly
  • Simply fill out the invoice, review, and send
  • Save up to 10 invoices as templates for future use
  • Use PayPal's Invoicing Templates to prefill invoice fields
Get paid faster

The more quickly customers can review line items and totals on your invoice, the faster you'll be able to close the transaction - and receive your money.

Get started now

To send your customers professional invoices, just log in to your PayPal account, go to the Request Money tab, and click on the Create an Invoice subtab now.